IMES is committed to providing its customers with quality services. Our vision is to be the preferred provider for the activities of preparation and execution of installation of our customer’s high-voltage systems.

Our policy is to integrate quality, health, safety and environmental requirements into the scope of our services, viewing them as opportunities for improvement.


Develops a culture of continuous improvement using the standards to direct the operations on site, linking them with health, safety and the environment.

Creates added value for customers through continuous improvement of its services.

Anticipates future changes, assesses risks and takes measures to prevent or minimize risks.

We provide the adequate financial and physical resources to achieve our objectives. Compliance with this policy is demonstrated with regular audits and monitoring of our performance.

We endeavor to keep waste to a minimum and prevent or minimize environmentally harmful emissions.

The management regularly assesses the progress against the performance indicators.

We comply with relevant quality, health, safety and environmental legislation, regulations, standards (ISO9001, OHSAS 1800, ISO14001) and codes.

The IMES management ensures adherence to these principles by its employees and its contractors’ staff.

IMES ensures that its employees are capable of performing their roles and have the adequate training. We also aim to provide high quality services through the continuous development of our capacities in order to capitalize our knowledge and to share expertise.

IMES works in partnership with its external providers and favors companies who comply with its principles within a competitive framework.

The IMES management reviews this policy annually.

This policy statement is available on our intranet site.

Cergy, December 18th, 2014

Managing Director