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About Us

We believe that we can assist you in an innovative, cost effective and timely fashion to ensure the successful completion of your projects through our proactive, flexible and professional approach.


IMES was incorporated in 2009 as IMES Electricité. Loic DERRIEN is the founder of IMES.

At its inception, IMES’ primary focus was the provision of skilled technical services for high voltage infrastructure construction projects. Supported by a team of engineers with more than 100 years of combined experience, IMES accumulated achievements in HVDC projects. The team gained recognition with Clients thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the HVDC technology and the quality of their services.

IMES’ approach also proved to be successful in their bid to grow in the renewable energy market. Indeed, IMES was soon involved in the engineering and the construction of the electrical balance of plant for wind farms and solar farms.

Since 2014, IMES’ broad range of competences has allowed it to deliver services across the entire lifecycle of infrastructure projects, from tendering to commissioning. IMES has grown their capabilities and its network of partners to fully support their Clients: EPC main contractors, grid utilities and power producers, global engineering & construction companies, HV electrical system integrators, power solution companies and renewable energy developers.

In 2016, IMES expanded its organisation to several countries to adjust to the ever-increasing demand to be close to Clients’ project sites. IMES Management decided to create subsidiaries in order to get local offices and resources, they wanted to improve efficiency and facilitate communication between the end-Client, the main contractor and IMES project teams. That proximity also gave IMES the opportunity to enter into maintenance services, supporting end-Clients beyond commissioning.

In 2017, IMES opened a technical training centre near Paris dedicated, in the first phase, to its own personnel. The training centre will be available for Clients’ training later on in 2017.

2017 also marks the year that IMES Electricité changed its name to IMES. The change better reflects the actual corporate structure and vision as well as simplifying the communication with its Clients, Partners, Suppliers and Subsidiaries in Europe and Asia.

The new name will benefit the last IMES expansion in South Korea where IMES opened a branch in Seoul.

The new corporate organisation meets our ambition to deliver EPC contracts and keep serving our historical Clients. Our business is now articulated around our Engineering Department and our Operations & Project Delivery Department. The new Senior Management Team is now in place to drive our business to reach new heights in 2017 and further.

Over the years, IMES has proudly paved the road to its future. Today, IMES is positioned to provide a broad range of integrated solutions and services to our key markets: HVDC, GRID and POWER.

Our Mission and Our Values

IMES mission is to provide exceptional value to our Clients by delivering best in class engineering solutions and high standard services whilst maintaining a safe and rewarding work environment to our Employees, Partners and Suppliers.


At IMES, we believe our success comes from the success of our Clients. We pride ourselves to be a team of passionate people who are dedicated to work in a company which values are:

  • Commitment : Committing to initiatives and to the continued improvement that positively impact the lives of our Clients, Employees, Partners and Suppliers;
  • Accountability : Acknowledging and accepting for, at both company and Employee’s levels, the responsibility for our actions, decisions and policies;
  • Integrity : Acting with honesty and with a mutual respect for our Clients, Employees, Partners and Suppliers in all aspects of our business;
  • Empowerment : Encouraging our Employees to take initiative and adopting a mistake-embracing environment to empower employees to lead and make decisions;
  • Ownership : Taking care of the Clients and company interests as they were our own;
  • Safety : Ensuring the Health and Safety of our personnel and collaborating with our Clients, Partners and Suppliers to maintain an accident-free workplace for the projects we are involved in;
  • Community : Demonstrating corporate social responsibility by carrying out our services in a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible manner.

Affiliation & Accreditation

ISO9001 (Quality Management System) Process of certification started on 2017 Target: Certification by end of 2018
OHSAS 18001 (Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series) Process of certification started on 2017 Target: Certification by end of 2018